General Supplier

Chemical Supplier has been an HSU’s business for long time. It’s covering chemical for waste water like coagulant or flocculant ect, chemical for clean water like oksidator, coagulant, flocculant, pH adjuster ect, and chemical for internal treatment boiler like pH adjuster, scale inhibitor, corrotion inhibitor, dispersant ect. and other services including jar test for trial chemical.

Waste water Chemical. Chemical used to treat waste water in accordance with the standard expected. Because every region has a respective standard for waste water discharged.

Clean water Chemical. To get clean water takes a long process but it also required chemical to get the maximum result. We provide a wide range of chemicals to help make it easier to get clean water through a certain process.

Chemical for Boiler. Equipment that can be used in the long term is desired of everyone. To obtain this required good care and regular. One way is to use chemical such as corrotion inhibitor, scale inhibitor ect.

We provide a wide range of chemicals to facilitate the processing of water.

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